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Ancient Human Skeltons
Located at Ban Khlong Bon, Tambon Nong Ta Kong, there are the ancient human skeltons, pottery, utensils, etc., aged about 4,000 years. Thry have already been moved to the Archeology Division office for studying.

Ao Khung Krabane Nature Trail Board Walk
Located at the opposite side of Ao Khung Kraben Development Study Center under the advice of His Majesty the King, it is the 1,600 metres long bridge built by Hopea Adorata. It passes through the unspoiled mangrove forest and various kinds of fauna and flora can be found on both sides. There are also signs that inform tourists along the way. This place is suitable for studying about mangrove forest ecological system. Besides, it is a beautiful and peaceful place for relaxation. Opened daily: 08.00 – 16.00 hrs. For groups, advance contact is preferable, Tel. No. 66-39-369216-8

Ao Krathing
A small beautiful peaceful beach located 400 metres away from the park office. No accommodation restaurant offer but camping is available.

Ao Yang
Another small beautiful beach beyond Ao Krathing is suitable for relaxing. Bungalows and restaurants offer along the beach.

Bang Sa Kao Handicraft Center
This is another handicraft center of reed mat products made by villagers, located at Tambon Bang Sa Kao, Laem Singh District. They also make other products such as briefcases, slippers, purses, etc. from the reed mat. Opened daily for someone interested in watching the process of making products: 0830-1800 hrs. Contact at Tel No. 66-39-450585 or 450587.

Hat Khung Wiman, Hat Khung Kraben, Hat Laem Sadet and Hat Chao Lao
are all peaceful beaches in Tha Mai district and clustered in an area about 30 kilometres from town. There are accommodation facilities for tourists, particularly at Hat Chao Lao where there are several hotels and bungalows to choose from. About one kilometre off shore from Hat Chao Lao are ranges of shallow water coral reefs covering an area of 14 square kilometres. Over at Ao Khung Kraben are nature trails to study mangrove areas.

Hat Laem Sing is about 30 kilometres from town and can be reached via Sukhumvit Road on the way to Trat with a right turn at Km. 347, a further distance of 16 kilometres to the beach. The beach itself is shaded with pine trees lining the entire shore and cooled by constant gentle breezes. There are food shops and boats for rent to visit two nearby isles, Ko Chula and Ko Nom Sao. The trip takes 30 minutes and one hour respectively.

Changsay Waterfall
his waterfall is 12.5km from the headquarters. A tall waterfall with water flowing all year round. There is a campground nearby. There is also a nature trail, but you need to be accompanied by a park ranger. (See more details of Changsay Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)
Address : Khao Khichakut National Park
Tambol Pluang,Amphur King Ampher Khao Khichakut, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22210

Chanthaburi Cultural Center
Located at Rajabhat Institute Rampaipannee, in 3 buildings that have been a residence the Queen of King Rama VII – Queen Rampaipannee. This center displays many utensils of the Queen, such as clothes, shoes, golf equipment, etc. There are also local ancient collections. For further information contact the Institute office, Tel No. 66-39-335408-10

Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Center
Located at Tambon Phliew, approximately 15 kilometres from the city, it deals with researches about agricultural development projects, economic plants such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, etc., including seeds of herbs and spices to give out for farmers. It is opened daily for only group visitors (more than 10 persons) and advanced contact is preferable, Tel. No. 66-39-397030 and 397146, at 0900-1600 hrs.

Chanthaburi Town
Chanthaburi Town Famous for its abundance of tropical fruits and as a centre of gems, the eastern province of Chanthaburi is also blessed with rich, verdant forests with scenic waterfalls. The Chanthaburi River flows through the town which has been the home of ancient communities. Quiet fishing villages and peaceful beaches are not far from town.

About 245 kilometres from Bangkok and covering an area of 6,338 square kilometers, Chanthaburi as administratively divided into the following districts:- Muang Chanthaburi, Tha Mai, Khlung, Laem Sing, Pong Nam Ron, Makham, Soi Dao, Na Yai Am, Kang Hang Maeo and Khao Khitchakut sub-district.

Chao Lao Beach
Located about 17 kilometres from Tha Mai District, the long white sandy beach in serene place is suiable for relaxing. Although it is not the most beautiful beach in hailand, 2 kilometres of coral reefs just off shore are attractive, The choices of accommodation offered range from standard to the luxury hotels, including restaurants. Boats for seeing coral reefs can be hired around the beach. It should be better to visit here between November to May, because both sea and sky are clear.

City Pillar Shrine
It is located opposite to King Taksin Shrine. The time of construction is unknown but there is an assumption that King Taksin built it when he used chanthaburi Province as a military-based camp for mustering people, weapons and food for re-establishing the country. The original one may have been made from laterite, but nobody can surmise the true shape. The present shrine was built in 1981 and now it is being renovated.

Crocodile Farm and Chamsom Zoo
Located at Tambon Salaeng, about 4 kilometres from Khao Raiya Intersection along the Highway no. 3249, many kinds of crocodiles and wild animals are kept here. Around the farm, there are fruit orchards such as rambutan, durian, etc. Opened daily: 08.30 – 17.30 hrs, two crocodile shows on weekends: 11.00 and 14.00; tickets: Children – 20 Baht and adults – 40 Baht. For more information, contact the office at Tel. No. 66-39-324247 or 312399

Gem Road
The area around Sri Chan Road and Trok Krachang is known as “the Gem Road”. It is the busiest part of town where hordes of people haggle over piles of precious stones. Manh jewelry shops turn this road into the biggest market of cut gems in Thailand. Especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, gem trade spots with Thai currency notes transacted by the millions from both Thais and foreigners. Touching the gem trade field is exciting and a good experience which cannot be found in other provinces of Thailand.

Khao Khitchakut National Park

Khao Khitchakut National Park
The Khao Khitchakut National Park has its headquarters at a site which can be reached by taking a turning at Km. 324 (Khao Rai Ya intersection) on Highway No. 3 and proceed on for a further 21 kilometres. (See more details of Khao Khitchakut National Park at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Khao Khitchakut National Park
The park covers a rich, verdant forestland of some 58 square kilometres where many herbal plants are found. It is also rich in wildlife. An attraction is the Krathing waterfall with its nature trails cutting through all 13 levels of the fall. There are clear ponds where swimming is possible. Camping is allowed in the park. There are also accommodations for visitors who should make advance booking at the Forestry Department in Bangkok.

Khao Khitchakut National Park
Situated about 24 kilometres from town, the national park covers a wide stretch of area including the source of the Chanthaburi River, many streams, waterfalls and forest, is total area 36,387 Rai. The mountain peak called “Yot Khao Phrabat”, has many interesting things. The rain forest around the mountain is abundant in many kinds of flora and fauna. For further information contact at the office: Tel. No. 66-39-452074.

Khao Laem Singh
Its major attraction is the Phairi Phinat Fort which was built in the reign of the King Rama lll and a stupa which recalls a withdrawal of French forces.

Khao Laem Singh Park
Located at Tambon Bang Kachai, covering both mainland and islands with a total area 9,500 Rai. Tourists can experience many interesting natural resources such as the rain forest and various Kinds of flora and fauna. The names and details below are the places, which should visit in the park.

Khao Lam Sing Forest Park
Khao Lam Sing Forest Park located in Parlane-Klongphlew National Reserved Forest, Banggachai Sub-district, Lamsing District, Chanthaburi Province. It is about 9,500 Rais (15.2 square kilometers) and has been declared a forest park by the Royal Forest Department since October 25, 1983. (See more details of Khao Lam Sing Forest Park at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)
Address : Khao Lam Sing Forest Park
Banggachai sub-district, Amphur Lam Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand,

Khuk Khi Kai
This is situated at Tambon Pak Nam Laem Singh, just 1 Kilometre before the pier. It was built by Frrench in 1893 as a retention canter for Thais who are against them during the period they occupied the town. A rectangular red brick structure with slit windows and perforated roof was used as a chicken coop from shich fowl waste dropped onto the prisoners.

Khung Wiman Beach
About 50 kilometres from town, turn left from Sukhumvit Road at Km. 301, then go straight for 15 kilometres, will reach the golden sandy beach called “Khung Wiman Beach”. Here is one of the most attractive scenic places. There is only one resort and a few restaurants on the beach to satisfy visitors.

King Taksin Shipyard
It is located about 1 kilometre beyoun Wat Samet Ngam. The local people believe that King Taksin used this place as the shipyard when preparing forces in 1807. A relic shipyard, which the Archeology Division surmises that it is the Chinese argosy for sea trading and some docks, have been found near the shore.

King Taksin Shrine
Located on Tna Luang Road, in front of the Taksin Military Fort, the helmet shape of the shrine is fascinating and attractive, Inside, there is the King Taksin Statue, which is revered by many Thai people. An annual celebration is held every December 28, to commemorate his kindness as the great king who re-established the country.

King Taksin the Great’s Park
Located in the heart of the town of Chanthaburi Province with an area of approximately 300 Rais, it covers a park, pond and islet where the King Taksin the Great Monument places. The shady trees around the park make it a suitable place for relaxing.

Klong Krasu Waterfall
Klong Krasu Waterfall is a big waterfall which is suitable for playing water and taking peaceful recreation. It locates near the Forest Reserve Office II (Kor Gor 2) Klong Pai Boon and 8 kilometers far from the office of Khao Kitchakoot National Park. (See more details of Klong Krasu Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)
Address : Khao Khichakut National Park
Tambol Pluang,Amphur King Ampher Khao Khichakut, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22210

Ko Nom Sao
It is well known for 500 metres coral reefs line at the north of the island, which are suitable for skin diving.

Krathing Waterfall
Krathing Waterfall there are a series of trails to the falls about 100m from the park headquarters. This waterfall has a series of 13 different levels. (See more details of Krathing Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Laem Sadet Beach – Ao Khung Kraben
Located at Km. 25 from Tha Mai District, these two connecting white sandy beaches are peaceful and suitable for relaxing and camping. There are only restaurants and rest rooms offers, without accommodation. Because the environment around Ao Khung Kraben is still unspoiled and is the habitat of various kinds of aquatic animals such as shrivp, fish crab, etc., Ao Khung Kraben Development study Center under the advice of His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulyadej has been established here.

Laem Singh Beach
Laem Singh Beach Located at Tambon Pak Nam, near the mouth of the Chanthaburi River approximately 30 kilometres from the city, dense pine trees along the beach make shady place suitable for relaxation. Bungalows and restaurants are available for the tourist.

Merchant Marine National Museum
Located at Noen Wong Fort, exhibits are about the sea traders of Thailand, explorations and techniques used by the Underwater Archeology Section and the famous aspects of Chanthaburi. Not only the main exhibition room on the 2 nd floor, which display reproductive argosy, but also the mock-up of how the staff work underwater at the underground floor is also interesting.

Nalai Waterfall
this waterfall is 6km. from Chanthaburi and 2km. from the main Chanthaburi – Trat road. This is a nice place for walking in the forest along the trail to the waterfall. (See more details of Nalai Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)
Address : Phliw Waterfall
Tambol Phliw,Amphur Lam Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22190

Nam Tok Hin Dat
Located at Khao Soi Dao Tai, Tambon Thub Sai, it is a beautiful waterfall with 12 levels, falling down on the rocks below. To get there, the tourist has to walk through the rain forest and climb up the mountain to see various aspects of the environment appearing along the way – both fauna and flora. It is necessary to have a guide. Contact the guide at Ban Thub Sai at Tel. No. 66-39-360241.

Nam Tok Khlong Narai
Local people call it “Nam Tok Khao Sa Bap”, approximately 8 kilometres from the city town on the route chanthaburi – Khlung. To reach the top which is relatively high, the tourist has to walk through the perfect beautiful forest. It is a good place for relaxing getting in touch with to primitive nature.

Nam Tok Krathing
It is the waterfall flowed from the Khitchakut mountain range which has different beauty in each of its 13 levels, and is also suitable for swimming in some of them. To reach the top, the tourist has to walk through the forest which various types of plants such as bamboo, fern, etc., appear along the way. It is one of the famous waterfalls in the eastern region of Thailand.

Nam Tok Phliew
Situated only 200 metres from the national park office, this is one of the most popular waterfalls in the country. It sources from an underground stream and cascades down the crevice into the pool below, where is a fish habit. Staying overnight is available, for more information, contact the National Park Division: Tel. No. 66-2-5794842. Two other interesting places around this area are: Alongkorn Chedi – Built in 1876, it was made from laterite to commemorate the visiting of King Rama V and Queen Sunantha. At this point, the view of waterfall is very beautiful. Pyramid – A stupa was built by King Rama V in 1881, in a pyramid-style in memory of his beloved queen who drowned in the Chao Phraya River in a boat accident. It also contains some parts of her ashes.

Nam Tok Phliew National Park
About 17 kilometres from the city town of Chanthaburi, in Khao Sa Bap, it is the location of the Nam Tak Phliew National Park office. The rain forest around the park is abundant in the various kinds o plant and also wild animals. Many places named below in the park’s area are interesting to visit.

Nam Tok Trok Nong
Beyond Nam Tok Phliew to the east, on Sukhumvit Road (Chanthaburi – Trad), is Trok Nong Waterfall which also the location of the natural park protection office. The 3-level beautiful waterfall cascades down the steep cliff (approximately 20-metres high) to the pond below. To reach each level, have to walk along the natural lateral. The guide is necessary, contact the national park officer. Besides, camping in peaceful nature is available. For tourists, take Sukhumvit Road (Chanthaburi –Trat), turn left at Khlung District Intersection, take the route Khlung – Makham for about 10 kilometres till reach Trok Nong Village, turn left again and then go straight for about 2 kilometres will reach the waterfall.

Namtok Phliu National Park
The Namtok Phliu National Park covers an area of 134.5 square kilometres along forestland at Khao Sa Bap mountain range. The 3-level Phliu waterfall features a basin of cool, clear water for splashing around and plenty of fish make the flowing streams their home.

There are also two other waterfalls in the park : Khlong Narai waterfall and Trok Nong waterfall.

Natural Trekking

There are differently interesting trekking-programs which traveler can get more information at the office of Khao Kitchakoot National Park. (See more details of Natural Trekking at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)
Address : Khao Khichakut National Park
Tambol Pluang,Amphur King Ampher Khao Khichakut, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22210

Noen Wong Fort

Located at Tambon Noen Ka Cha, on Highway No. 3147 (The Chalaep Road), the wall of the fort was built in the reign of King Rama lll for defending the invasion from Vietnamese forces. The old cannons that line on the wall are very attractive. Inside the fort, there are several interesting places such as the city shrine of King Taksin, Wat Yothanimit in Chinese – style architecture, etc. Moreover, it is the location of the Underwater Archeology Section where investigation and conservation techniques are explained, and on display are finds (Sangkhalok earthenware and ceramics) from the seabed of the Gulf of Thailand. Ask for the lecturer at the office: Tel No. 66-39-391236-7

Phliw Waterfall

In the past this area was a forest park. It became the 11th National park of Thailand on the 2nd May 1975, originally called Khao Sabap National Park. (See more details of Phliw Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Address : Phliw Waterfall
Tambol Phliw, Amphur Lam Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22190

Pong Nam Ron Hot Springs

The 3 natural hot springs originate in the alluvial plain, line from the northeast to the southeast of the area. The big one sizes 90 centimetres in diameter and the rest are 10-20 centimetres. The temperature of the water is about 39C. It is under developing now.

Pong Nam Ron Rafting

Pong Nam Ron Canal runs from Khao Kreu Whai and meanders through the valley which is full of hillocks. Both sides are shaded by various kinds of plants. It is suitable for tourists who love adventure, especially rafting ranked in the 1st – 2nd difficulty level and takes about 2 – 3 hours for one trip depending on the tide.

Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa and Along Khon Chedi

Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa and Along Khon Chedi Locating in the area of Phriew Waterfall, the Stupa and Chedi were built in the reign of King Rama 5th, Along Khon Chedi was built in 1876, and Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa was built in 1881 in commemoration of Sunanta Kumari Princes Pra Brom Rajadhevi. In the Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa also contains the Princes’ relics because she used to visit the waterfall in 1874 and was very impressed by its beautifulness. (See more details of Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa and Along Khon Chedi at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Pra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa and Along Khon Chedi

Address : Phliw Waterfall
Tambol Phliw,Amphur Lam Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22190

Prabad Mountain:

the foot of the mountain is 16.5km from the headquarters. Then you have to walk the further 6.5km to the top. In February to March every year thousands of pilgrims walk to the top of the mountain to venerate what is said to be the footprints of the Lord Buddha. On the mountain top are also rock formations in the shape of a pagoda, an upside down monk’s alms bowl, a huge turtle and an elephant. (See more details of Prabad Mountain: at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Address : Khao Khichakut National Park
Tambol Pluang,Amphur King Ampher Khao Khichakut, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22210..

Samet Ngam Handicraft Center

Located at Ban Samet Ngam, it is the center of reed mat products made by villagers. They also make other products such as briefcases, slippers, purses, etc. from the reed mat. Watching the process of making these products can also be seen here.

Soi Dao Highland Golf Course.

Located at the hillock of Khao Soi Dao Tai, on the Chanthaburi – Sa Kaew Road, 46 kilometres from town, this is the most beautiful golf course ranking in standard level with 18 holes in the eastern region of Thailand. Full facilities offered are hotel, clubhouse, restaurant and other activities – mountain biking, rafting and walking tour. It is suitable for relaxing in a good peaceful view. The best time for visiting is between October – May; please check in advance at Tel. No. 66-39-322831-2

Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at Tambon Sai Khao in total area of 465,637.5 Rai, about 70 kilometres from the city, covers a wide stretch of mountain ranges, a source of many streams and waterfalls such as “Nam Tok Khao Soi Dao”. This 15-level waterfall is beautiful and suitable for relaxing. For more infor mation, contact the Wildlife Conservation Division, Tel. No. 66-2-5792776 or 5794847

Suan Saded-yard

Located near Wat Khao Sukim, in an area of 180 Rai, this fruit orchard is opened daily for tourists to visit and taste local tropical fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen, zalacca, etc. The admission fee is 20 Baht /person. Accommodation and restaurant are available. For more information, contact Mr. Yingyoug Saded-yard or Mr. Kriangsak Prakhongwong at Tel. No. 66-2-2721303 ext. 431

Thailand – Cambodia Border Market (Ban Laem)

Located at Ban Laem, Tambon Thep Nimit, it is the border market where various kinds of consumer products are sold. The wooden furniture such as dinning tables, dressing tables, etc., made by villagers are also available. Here is another gateway to Pratabong (Battambong), Cambodia, 86 kilometres from the border

Thailand – Cambodia Border Market (Chong Phakkat)

Located at Ban Khlong Yai. Tambon Khlong Yaiare sold various kinds of consumer products. From this point, going to Combodia is possible, 20 kilometres to Phailin and 68 kilometres to Pratabong (Battambong), both are interesting.

The Buddhist Park at Wat Shak Yai

Located on Highway No.3149, 500 metres from Laem Singh Intersection. There are the sculptures showing the stories of former incarna-tions of the Buddha. It is suitable for learning the religion of Buddhism.

The Cathedral of lmmaculate Conception

Located near Stri Manda Phithak School, Tambon Chanthanimit, on the left side of the Chanthaburi River, this 275 years old historical church was renovated and rebuilt five times between 1711 to the present. The migrated Christian Vietnamese in Chanthaburi constructed it. The architecture in Gothic style decorated by stained glass and murals of Christian Gods, is beautiful and worth visiting. Apparently its style looks like the cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The beautiful antique houses in Vietnamese style around the church are interesting and allow tourists to have a close-up view of the old community of Chanthaburi Province both lifestyle and culture. Moreover, the morning market with local foods and desserts is also interesting.

The Oasis Sea World

Located at the outskirts of town, tambon Pak Nam, about 25 kilometres from the city, this is a wonderful place of dolphins at play and also a breeding and conserving station for them. This marine park consists of both bottlenose and bald-head-grey dolphins (called Pak Khuat Dolphin and Hua Bart Dolphin in Thai). The tourist get here to see these intelligent mammals playing with a ball, jumping through loops and leaping to great heights, doing acrobatic stunts, etc. Most important, this may be the first time for tourists to see a close-up view of them in real life and understand how gently thses dolphins are. Daily show at 09.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. Additional one show on Saturday and Sunday at 07.00. Besides, there are many species of butterflies in the garden. Accommodation for tourists who wish to stay overnight is available, including a restaurant. Moreover, there are entertain-ment rafts with food and beverage for persons who wish to get in touch with the nature at the mouth of the Laem Singh River. For more details contact Tel. No. 66-39-399015 or 363238-9

Trok Nong Waterfall

This waterfall also requires a forest walk to reach it. It is about 2km. from the park substation. There is water flowing here all year round. (See more details of Trok Nong Waterfall at www.ThaiForestBooking.com)

Address : Phliw Waterfall
Tambol Phliw,Amphur Lam Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22190

Tuk Daeng

This is located at Tambon Pak Nam Laem singh, near the pier, built in the same period as Khuk Khi Kai. Originally, it was a Thai force headquarters called “Phikat Patchamit Fort”. Later, French occupied the town and adapted it into their headquarters and living quarters. Its real red colour is attractive for knowing what happened at that time.

Wat Khao Sukim

Located at Tambon Baisri, about 20 kilometres from town, the temple built on the hillside is a religious center for meditation in a tranquil and tree-shaded environment. The large rooms on the 3 rd and the 4 th floor are museums, which have collections of manu religious things and antiques. To travel here, take Highway No. 3, turn left at Km. 305, then go straight for 13 kilometres. For anyone who would like to stay overnight at the temple, please contact directly at Tel. No. 01-9197409 or 2111196 or 9125927

Wat Mangkon Buppharam

Situated on Sukhumvit Road (Chanthaburi – Khlung), about 12 kilometres from town, the Chinese-style temple built in 1987 is of the Mahayana religious denomination. Decorative designs made from ceramics are very beautiful. The peace and shade inside are suitable for meditation; there is also accommodation for interested persons. Two annual celebrations are held after the end of the Buddhist lent (about October or Novrmber) called “Ngan Bun Kathin”. The other will start the 21st day after the end of the Chinese New Year’s Day, and last for 9-10 days.

Wat Phai Lom

Wat Phai Lom, which is situated on Tri Rat Road, about 500 metres from KP Grand Hotel, is an old temple of the late Ayutthaya period. Murals painted in the classical style by skillful painters of Ayutthaya in the Ubosot (chapel), which shows the ten incarnations of the Buddha are beautiful and perfect both design and colour. It is worth visiting. Please contact the monks at the temple.

Wat Phlub

Located at Tambon Bang Ka Cha, about 1 kilometre from Noen Wong Fort, the old chapel in Thai style architecture is interesting; including the replica of a Buddha image placed inside which differs from others in the style. They were constructed when King Taksin arrived Chanthaburi. The more interesting aspect is the old rectangular stupa that was used for making potent water by magic for the King. The most interesting attraction is the wooden architecture called “Sam Sang”, a place for cremating a dead monarch. It is the oldest in Thailand. Unfortunately, it has only the basement remain.

Wat Thong Thua

Located on Sukhumvit Road (Chanthaburi – Khlung), Tambon Khlong Narai, about 5 kilometres from town, the beautiful 100-years-old church and collection of ancient-Khmer-style antiques inside are very interesting.

White Water Rafting Along Klong Pong Nam Ron

White Water Rafting Along Klong Pong Nam Ron
Shooting the Rapids at Khlong Pong Nam Ron is an adventure travel during the season of July-January. Enthusiasts will thrill to the exciting passage through streams and rapids, an exercise of 2-4 level of difficulty. The two-hour trip passes through verdant forestland and fruit orchards. Contact tour agents or resorts in Pong Nam Ron district.

Yot Khao Phrabat

Located about 5 kilometres from the National Park Office. There are many places on the peak pertain to the Buddhism mythologies. The most important attraction is the Buddha’s footprint, which is highly revered by Thai people. Many people come here to pay homage everyday and more crowded on Chinese New Year’s Day and Magha Bucha Day. From the peak, watching the beautiful scenes of the town, some islands and other views are charming. Moreover, the fresh atmosphere makes this place be suitable for relaxing.

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