April 2011


Som Tam Laem Sing April 2011

ส้มตำแหลมสิงห์ Som Tam Laem Sing In English, they called Papaya Salad. They open from morning until 3pm everyday. Something that you should try out in there are Som Tam Bu Ma ( Papaya Salad with fresh crab ) ส้มตำปูม้า Yam Bu Ma ( Yam with fresh crab ) ยำปูม้า Kai Tort ( Fried Chicken without …

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Chao Lao beach

Chao Lao beach, a beach that not yet get pollution in Chanthaburi. Every weekends, visitors from Bangkok or other states like to visit here to enjoy their time and seafood. Not much foreigner visit here, there are so much resorts and hotels open during this year.

Yellow Water Melon 3

Yellow Rind Watermelon

It is watermelon season now. Many water melon farmer take out their watermelon from their farm and selling beside the Sukhumvit Road between Chanthaburi and Trat. I found new color of watermelon, that’s yellow color, it is yellow color outside, but not inside.

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