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Yellow Rind Watermelon

It is watermelon season now. Many water melon farmer take out their watermelon from their farm and selling beside the Sukhumvit Road between Chanthaburi and Trat. I found new color of watermelon, that’s yellow color, it is yellow color outside, but not inside.

They are selling 3 kinds of water melon.

  • Green rind, Red inside ( 10 Baht / KG )
  • Green rind, Yellow inside ( 10 Baht / KG )
  • Yellow rind, Red inside ( 20 Baht / KG )

It is very sweet and delicious, if you pass by there, make sure don’t miss it.

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  1. i really want to buy this kind of watermelon(yellow out side and red inside) can i contact you?this is my mail address;[email protected]
    can you send me this product (watermelon bees) in small packet?
    please contact me or send me your mail or send me your mobile number.
    thank you

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