November 2009


Duck rice / Duck Noodle (Kuey Tiao) at Thamai

If you are going to have lunch in Thamai, I can recommend you this Hai Lam Chicken / Duck Rice / Noodle shop located in Thamai. The soup of the noodle is delicious, and the taste of the duck or chicken is very good, you should try if you pass by Thamai.


Honda Scoopy-i arrived in Chanthaburi

Finally Honda Scoopy-i arrived in Chanthaburi, it is a scooter type motorbike like Yamaha Fino. Price is starting at 44,300 Baht. They do have few colours style to choose, I think there will be a lot of Scoopy-i on the street in Chanthaburi in next year.

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