How to check Thailand Telco Coverage Area ?

If you are visiting non-city area of Thailand, make sure you have check the telco coverage before you visit, because some of the area may not have 4G or 3G internet connections, because they just cover 80% of the Thailand.

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Mister Mushroom Farm

Mister Mushroom Farm, located in Wang Nam Khiao Thailand. Mister Mushroom are growing organic mushrooms on a family plot, emphasizing on five specific kinds to grow and commercialize – Shiitake, Yanagi, Monkey Head, (Blue and Golden) Oyster and Reishi (Lingzhi) Mushrooms. In here, visitors can see the cultivation of the mushrooms in the dark and humid storeroom-like hall. They also selling few type of mushrooms and some Lingzhi product.

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Koh Chang, The Largest Island In Mu Koh Chang International Park Archipelago 2012

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Koh Chang is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is located on the Gulf Of Thialand’s eastern seaboard, 310 km from Bangkok and near the border with Cambodia.

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Pantip Plaza Ngam Wong Wan Branch In Nonthaburi

Pantip Plaza Ngam Wong Wan Branch

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Located in Thailand Nonthaburi. There are hundreds of small shops specializing in computer hardware, software and accessories, including parts, repair, modifications, networking, second hand, laptops, Macintosh and peripherals. And also selling camera, lens, accessories.

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Por’s Coffee House in Thamai

Another new coffee house in Thamai, the location is along the road to MEA Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thamai there. The shop design is great and the furniture inside is very special. The ceiling in special color it is a nice place to relax and having a cup of coffee there. The coffee taste is delicious too.
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