Nude Liquid Toothpaste is selling in Thailand now

If you ever try the Jintan Nude Mint, you should know this brand. Now there is a new product is selling in Thailand. Nude Liquid Toothpaste, that mean you no need to press your toothpaste on your toothbrush anymore, just put the liquid into your mouth and start brushing. You can view the instructions before use.

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Crusty Pork Belly at Food Land Took Lae Dee Restaurant 24 Hours Service

One of the new menu from Tok Lea Dee Restaurant. It is their butcher’s choice Bacon and Salami served with French Fries, Sautéed Cherrt Tomato & Onion, Fried Egg and Gravy. It is only at 159 baht for this Crusty Pork Belly. The drinking water is free of charge and refill automatically by their staff, the menu here are serving 24 hours with all their branches around in Bangkok. You can find more information in their official website Food Land.

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Fresh Doze, Press & Shake, you should try this in Thailand 

Press and shake, boost up, it is another new product of Thailand. It can be found out in front of every refrigerator in 7-11 Thailand. It is a cap, the ingredient contain inside the cap, you just need to get a bottle of drinking water and replace it with the cap, then tight it, and press the top, the powder will drop into the water and you can see the color of the water changing.

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Traditional Charcoal Grill Yam Balls, Purple Yam and Corn

It is quite difficult to find this kind of food in Bangkok, they are selling by using three wheels motorcycle. They modified the motorcycle and cut the fuel tank to a half and put on the motorcycle. They put charcoal into the half-cutted fuel tank to grill those foods.

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30 Things You Must Buy When You Visit Thailand

Things You Must Buy When You Visit Thailand

1.Meiji Milk

Meiji pasteurized milk is no.1 sales in both Thailand and Japan. Meiji pasteurized milk are made from 100% real fresh milk through the pasteurizing process that keeps all the natural nutrition intact in the product. Meiji pasteurized milk in Thailand have so many different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, coffee and some are so special like green tea and banana flavor. Meiji milk can be found in anywhere in Thailand, such as 7-Eleven store, Big C market, Tesco Lotus and many other store or market.

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