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Po Prathep River Boat Noodle Ayuthaya at Soi Hathai Rat 3

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You can find river boat noodle almost every places in Bangkok. Mostly there are meat and pork, and few kind of noodle for you to choose. 

The normal price for each bowl is 15 baht, thats why most of the customer order more than 3-4 bowls per person then can test all kind of recipes.

They put the fresh blood of pig or cow to boil in soup, that’s why the soup turned to darken color. 

Please request for not spicy when you order, because most of the original taste is super spicy, you can add the chili powder later if you want.

This shop can be found in 

GPS : 13°49′11″ N 100°43′14″ E


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