White Dragon King Temple

How to go White Dragon King Temple

How to go to Bai Long King Temple

White Dragon King Temple
White Dragon King Temple

You should only wear white shirt and white pant uniform. The temple opens at 6.00a.m. and people depart from Bangkok as early as 3.00a.m. – 4.00a.m., hoping to get a queue number at the temple. The temple is opened only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and accepts only 100 consultations each day. So you must be an early bird before those people come if not you will miss a chance.

Their always show these address,
Address: 80/9, Moo 5, Surasak, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110

But you cannot find it in the google map.
You can only find google map using this. Because I’ve tried many time and drive my car around that area.

Address: Si Racha-Nong Kho 23, Surasak, Si Racha, Chonburi 20110

Here is their contact number.
盧師兄 (081-9210245) ( Master. Loo )
廖師兄 (081-7500117) ( Master. Liao )

Here is the google map for the actual location that I marked with GPS.

[mappress mapid=”4″]


3 thoughts on “How to go White Dragon King Temple”

  1. I have been to the White Dragon Temple in Chonburi for many years now to pay respect to the Master, and realized that there has been an increase interest in him from people all over the world. I have also noticed that there are several travel agencies and profit-seeking people out there that are USING the Master as part of their attraction to gain more sales.
    For all you people out there who truly wants to meet the Master, please do not fall for those false advertisements and travel packages. The temple ISN’T a profit-seeking organization; you DO NOT have to pay for breakfast at the temple or get the queue number. Everyone is welcome to visit the temple to pay respect to the gods and goddesses, and meet the Master.
    For all those travel agencies and profit-seeking individuals that are trying to exploit the temple, SHAME ON YOU because whatever you’re doing it’s just EXTREMELY DISGRACEFUL and SINFUL.
    Don’t believe what they try to sell you: http://www.travelplanner.com.my/bangkok.html

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