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Welcome to Koh Chang

Welcome to Koh Chang Ko Chang (Thai: เกาะช้าง, pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ tɕʰáːŋ], also Koh Chang) is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is located on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern seaboard, 310 km from Bangkok and near the border with Cambodia. It is the country’s third largest island, and the largest island in the …

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Steak House in Thamai

Steak House in Thamai One of the best steak house in Thamai, the old address is from //www.thamai.net/2011/03/steak-house-in-thamai/ and now moved to here.  

Chanthaburi FC

Chanthaburi FC Chanthaburi Football Club (Thai: สโมสรฟุตบอลจังหวัดจันทบุรี) is a Thai professional football club based in Chanthaburi Province. The club currently plays in the Thai Division 1 League.

Duck rice / Duck Noodle (Kuey Tiao) at Thamai

If you are going to have lunch in Thamai, I can recommend you this Hai Lam Chicken / Duck Rice / Noodle shop located in Thamai. The soup of the noodle is delicious, and the taste of the duck or chicken is very good, you should try if you pass by Thamai.