January 2008

Oasis Sea World @ Leam Sing

Oasis Sea World is located at Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Laem Sing, approximately 25 kilometers from the provincial capital of Chantaburi on Sukhumvit Highway (Highway # 3) in South Eastern Thailand. How to get to the dolphin park

The Ships in Paknam Keamnu

The ships are going in to the small port of Paknam Keamnu. Most of the time will coming in during the morning. The building is the temple of Paknam Keamnu.

Statistics of Tha Mai

District office: 12°37′15″N, 102°0′36″E Area: 612.8 km² Inhabitants: 68,687 (2005) Pop. density: 112.1 inh./km² Geocode: 2203 Postal code: 22120

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