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Oasis Sea World @ Leam Sing

Oasis Sea World is located at Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Laem Sing, approximately 25 kilometers from the provincial capital of Chantaburi on Sukhumvit Highway (Highway # 3) in South Eastern Thailand.

How to get to the dolphin park

On Sukhuvith highway, at kilometer marker 347, take a right turn to Laem Sing and follow the road for 15 kilometers before making a right turn. Starting at the police station on your right you will see signs that will lead you to the dolphin park.

The Entry of Oasis Sea World.

Dolphins show time, don’t miss the hour.

Dolphin can jump high from the deep water.

Dolphin will use it’s tail to hit the ball.

Eating fish from one of the tourist.

Dolphin jump and kiss that person.

He can stand on the dolphin on the water.

Dolphin bring him turn around on the water inside the pool.

Coming from Chantaburi City, Bangkok, Rayong, Pattaya, Chon Buri: take the first right turn, after you have passed the highway # 3 exit to Phliu waterfall on your left.

Most tour operators offer organized day trips from Bangkok, Pattaya, Rayong and Koh Chang. Prices for such trips depend on the number of visitors and the chosen form of transportation and usually include a trip to the beautiful Phliu Waterfall where you can feed vegetables to the thousands of fish in the waterfall and swim amongst them.

You can contact Oasis Sea World by telephone at +66-(0)3936-3238, +66-(0)3936-3239 or by fax at +66-(0)3939-9015 for additional information or bookings.

The official address of Oasis Sea World is:

Oasis Sea World

48/2 Moo 5,

Paknam Laem Sing,

Chanthaburi, 22130



6 thoughts on “Oasis Sea World @ Leam Sing”

  1. Dolphins are highly-intelligent, highly-social wild animals. They are not domesticated, so the dolphin trade must capture them from their families in the wild and exploit them terribly for this kind of entertainment and profit. You won’t see or be educated on their needs or their living conditions because that would be bad for business.

    For example, dolphins need their echo location to “see” and capture live fish, just as we use our eyes. But when they are put into concrete tanks for theme parks, their echo location bounces off tank walls and “blinds” them, so they stop using it and must be fed dead fish to eat. This is akin to shining a bright flashlight at yourself in a mirror and blinding yourself. So dolphins eventually quit using their primary sensory tool and become dependent on doing tricks to eat. I would not call that being treated “well”.

  2. Thanks for information. Friend advice to read you. Intresting. Added in favourites! Want to visit your site again!

  3. Heres a great little tour company who offer free booking and reservation for swim with dolphins in Thailand. Oasis Sea World is a great place, though could do with some renovation. The Dolphins seem very happy and well looked after. Swimming with dolphins is the dream of a lot of people. Those visiting Thailand and Laem Sing have the opportunity to meet and swim with the dolphins, as well as admiring the talents of the thai dolphin trainers and they perform the ” Dolphins training show” at Oasis sea world Chanthaburi.

  4. Marine Cafe

    While your in Laem Sing, theres a great cafe/restuarant selling steaks and pasta all western food. Very cheap 89 baht steak and 60 pasta. All really impressive food.

    For more info see http://www.laemsing.com and the restaurant page. Currently the Marine cafe don’t have there own website. But it is near to the siri hotel on the road side opposit the beach. You can phone Khun Pat on 087171639 for more info or email [email protected]

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