February 2011


Tuek Daeng

Tuek Daeng or Red Building near Khuk Khi Kai is the site of the Phikhat Patchamit Fort built in the reign of King Rama III. It was subsequently turned into living quarters and military command post by the French. A single storey, red-tiled roof building, today it serves as the Laem Sing district public library.


Chicken Dung Cell

Kuk Khi Khi (Chicken Dung Cell), Laem Sing District was built in B.E. 2436 by French during their capture of Chanthaburi city. The brick prison was used to imprison Thais who resisted the French in the conflict with Siam over the land on the left side of the Mekhong River. The prison is a square …

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Logistic in Chanthaburi

Logistic in Chanthaburi Transport in Chanthaburi Domestic courier in Chanthaburi โลจิสติกอยู่จันทบุรี การขนส่งอยู่จันทบุรี ขนส่งอยู่จันทบุรี ส่งสาส์นอยู่จันทบุรี ภายในประเทศขนส่ง

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