How to remove SMS Content Partner from AIS

If you are using AIS One-2-Call, you may receive a lot of SMS everyday.

Actually it will deduct your money and credit each time you received them.

They will charge you for 5 to 10 baht per message into your phone.

It will be charge about 500 to 600 extra fees per month. So I suggest you to remove them if you do not use it.

Most of the SMS are sending from these :-

  • MusicLover
  • SecretHoro
  • 4825901
  • Tweet
  • Info
  • Bugfun
  • MPack
  • LovePoem
  • N-Content

To remove those subscribe, just following the instruction below:

  1. Call *137 using the current phone.
  2. After the computer pickup the phone just Press 2
  3. Then press 1

You will receive the unsubscribe service message SMS within 2 days.

If you do not receive the message, please do again, if still have sms, you have to call 1175 Call center.

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