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30 Things You Must Buy When You Visit Thailand

Things You Must Buy When You Visit Thailand

1.Meiji Milk


Meiji pasteurized milk is no.1 sales in both Thailand and Japan. Meiji pasteurized milk are made from 100% real fresh milk through the pasteurizing process that keeps all the natural nutrition intact in the product. Meiji pasteurized milk in Thailand have so many different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, coffee and some are so special like green tea and banana flavor. Meiji milk can be found in anywhere in Thailand, such as 7-Eleven store, Big C market, Tesco Lotus and many other store or market.

2. Oishi One Piece Green Tea


Oishi Group is one of the leading company in Thailand’s Japanese food & beverage industry, one of the the famous product from Oishi Group is green tea. Oishi One Piece green tea have so many flavors such as strawberry, honey lemon, Japanese rice and more!

3. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy


Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is one of the famous candy in Thailand, we can say that every Thai nations knew about it! This is a local product under “Royal Chitralada Agricultural Projects”, develop and promote by Thai Royal. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy taste are so good and come with two different flavors, which is original and chocolate flavor. Usually Royal Chitralada Milk Candy will be display together with other Royal Chitralada product, so you might need to ask for it!

4. Mama instant noodles


Mama is no.1 instant noodles in Thailand, Mama instant noodles can be found everywhere in Thailand! Mama instant noodles have so many flavors too, most special for me is Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavor and Yentafo Tom Yum Mohfai Flavor. Don’t forget to grab some before you leave!

5. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed


Tao Kae Noi seaweed can be found everywhere in Thailand too! They come with seafood, tom yum, wasabi and many other flavor too! Did you tried any of it before?

6. Bento Seafood snack squid


Bento seafood snack squid taste are little spicy. It separated by 3 different colors which are orange, red and blue color. Orange is the most spicy, red is spicy and blue is normal.

7. Koh Kae Peanuts


Koh kae peanuts is one of the best snack when having beer! They also come with many different flavors like coconut cream, coffee, tom yum and many more. Some of my friends will always buy some as souvenirs before they leaving Thailand.

8. Taro Fish Snack


Taro Fish Snack is baked and cut in dried string form. It also available in six different flavors such as original, spicy, hot chili, barbecue, smoky salmon and BBQ Kimchi.



Each pack of Jaxx potato french fries snack come with a pack of tomato sause. You can also choose the chili flavors too! Spicy is everywhere in Thailand!

10. Dried Durian snack


I knew is sad because you can’t bring any fruit to go home with you, but don’t worry! Thailand have a lot of dried fruit snacks, you can found in any souvenirs store. One of the famous dried fruit snack is this, durian!

11. Siang Pure inhaler


Siang Pure inhaler is for relief of stuffy nose, dizziness and faint. With this 2 in 1 design you can also drop some to rub over for relief of flatulence, cramp, sprains, muscle pain and insect bites.

12. Thai Herbal Balm


Thai Herbal Balm is one of the famous product for local and travelers too. They are useful and easy to carry away especially when you traveling around. Nowadays they are so many different brand in the market, one of the popular brand i knew is golden buddha.

13. Banana Boat Sunscreen Product


These is special recommended for those beach lover! You can grab it in any store like 7-Eleven or Big C supermarket. Banana Boat Sunscreen Product are very good and effective.

14. Counterpain 14-counterpain

Counterpain rub analgesic balm have two different colors which is red(hot) and blue(cool). It’s very good for pain relief and muscular aches.

15. Tiger Balm Product



Tiger Balm also one of the famous and trusted brand for herbal balm and pain relief products in Thailand. You can found herbal balm, joint rub, plaster and many other products from them in any store or market.

16.Pond’s Magic Powder


Pond’s Magic Powder come with UV protection, is good for oil control and minimizing pores! Pond’s Magic Powder are easy to carry, must buy for every girl!

17. Soffell Mosquito Repellent Liquid Spray


Soffell mosquito repellent is in the forms of lotion and spray. I always use Soffell when i’m having dinner in outdoor area, Soffell can be used to protect the body from mosquito bites.


18. Takabb Anti Cough Pill


Takabb anti cough pill is one of the famous product for reducing cough in Thailand. Takabb anti cough pill is available in 4 flavors which is herbal, plum, mint and lemongrass. You can found it in any store or 7-Eleven.

19. Snake Brand Prickly Heat powder


Thailand is a tropical country, Snake Brand Prickly Heat powder are so popular in this country because of the weather! Apply some after shower and it will keep you fresh for whole day!

20. Blooming Spa Products


If you love spa or massage, Blooming spa products will be the best choice for you. They are professional in Spa and Massage products and they have so many different choices for you. Blooming Spa products are available in Let’s Relax Spa which is located inside Terminal 21 Shopping Central.

21. Oriental Princess Beauty Products


When you stepped into Oriental Princess Beauty shop, you can feel that is the paradise for everyone who love beauty. They have so many products such as facial, treatment, cosmetic and so much more. They are also one of the leading company in Thailand beauty industry.

22. Bath & Bloom Spa & Massage Products


Bath & Bloom also another famous brand in Thailand, they provide a lot of different products for spa and wellness. Their flagship store are located in 2nd floor, Atrium Zone, Central World Shopping Mall.



If we talk about bags from Thailand, i believe that everybody will first think about Naraya. Naraya bag is made by Naraya’s specially chosen and hand-inspected fabric, design and quality are always the best. You can found Naraya stores in many shopping mall located in Bangkok such as Central World, MBK, and even in Don Meung International Airport. Remember to choose some for your loved one!

24. Royal Chitralada Honey


Royal Chitralada Honey also is one of the famous local product under “Royal Chitralada Agricultural Projects”. You can found it in any 7-Eleven store in Thailand, price around 2 USD for each bottle.

25. Chathai Thai Traiditional Tea Products


“Chathai”, which means “tea from Thailand”. Chathai red tea is one of the famous product from Chathai company, you will fall in love with it once you tried it! Sometime i will just mix some fresh milk with it, taste creamy and it is really good!

26. Ruby


You can found a lot ruby retailer shop in Thailand, because Thailand is one the famous country in Ruby Mining Industry. Sometimes you will found that ruby price are more cheaper in Thailand.

27. Crocodile Leather Products


Thailand has the largest crocodile farming industry in the world and some famous international fashion brands source their exotic skins from the kingdom too. You can found crocodile leather products Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo, and remember to watch the show too!

28. Thai Amulet


I think almost every travelers won’t miss this if they’re visiting Thailand. Thai amulet can be found everywhere in Thailand, we always trust these amulet will bring us luck and safety. Some of the famous Thai amulet only can be found in temple, and they are priceless.

29. Edible Bird’s Nest


A lot of edible bird’s nest are exported from Thailand, Thailand is also one of the main country that produced edible bird’s nest. You can found a lot of edible bird’s nest products near Yao Wa Rat street in Bangkok, which is the Chinatown in Bangkok.

30. Jeans


Most of the famous branded jeans retailer shops always having some promotions and offer in Bangkok, such as Levi’s and Lee. Price are really cheaper if you compare with some other country! You can also found a lot of old jeans or second hand jeans in any flea market located in Bangkok such as Chatuchak market.


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