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Noen Wong Fort @ Chanthaburi

The entry of Noen Wong Fort.

During the Reign of King Rama II of the early Bangkokperiod, Noen Wong fortress was built as defense position in the flight with the Vietnamese in 1834 A.D. The camp, which is surrounded by ramparts and moats, covers an area of 270 rais (43.20 hectares). The fortress is made of the bricks on which thirty-nine (39) cannons were places, inside the camp is an arsenal structure, a shrine, housing “the City Foundation Pole”, the yothanimitara temple, including a modern office of the fine arts departments underwater archaeological project.

It made of some stone with some metal material.

It is tall.

Their Logo on the cannon.

Some cannons.

The gate of the place with cannons.

It marked down the year, 1789 on their cannons.

The National Maritime Museum, Fine Arts Department,Ministry of Culture.
It is inside the Noen Wong Fort. But not open everyday.

Located at Tambon Noen Ka Cha, on Highway No. 3147 (Tha Chalaep Road), the wall of the fort was built in the reign of King Rama III for defending the invasion from Vietnamese forces. The old cannons that line on the wall are very attractive. Inside the fort, there are several interesting places such as the city shrine of King Taksin, Wat Yothanimit in Chinese – style architecture, etc. Moreover, it is the location of the Underwater Archeology Section where investigation and conservation techniques are explained, and on display are finds ( Sangkhalok earthenware and ceramics ) from the seabed of the Gulf of Thailand . Ask for the lecturer at the office: Tel No. 66-39-391236-7.


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