Camera Shop Websites for Price Comparison in Thailand, Chanthaburi

You can always check the price before you get any camera in Thailand. Because in Chanthaburi, I found there is only BigCamera and PhotoHutGroup two camera shop. I suggest you check the price before you buy any, because their prices are really different a lot compare to other.

Here is the links that you can check your price online.

The shop that I currently see that selling camera in Chanthaburi.

Robinson Branch
Tesco Lotus Branch

Robinson Branch
Tesco Lotus Branch

Power Buy
Robinson Branch

If you know any more camera shop in Chanthaburi, please comment and let me know. I will add into here.

  • Note

    Thank you very much. Very helpful information.

  • micmicmic

    thanks heaps , it will def. help me in my next visit to Thani in Sep , thanks again.

  • kim

    i visit the whole link and found out that bask is cheaper.