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Noen Wong Fort at Chanthaburi

Noen Wong Fort at Chanthaburi

During the Reign of King Rama II of the early Bangkokperiod, Noen Wong fortress was built as defense position in the flight with the Vietnamese in 1834 A.D. The camp, which is surrounded by ramparts and moats, covers an area of 270 rais (43.20 hectares). The fortress is made of the bricks on which thirty-nine (39) cannons were places, inside the camp is an arsenal structure, a shrine, housing “the City Foundation Pole”, the yothanimitara temple, including a modern office of the fine arts departments underwater archaeological project.

Located at Tambon Noen Ka Cha, on Highway No. 3147 (Tha Chalaep Road), the wall of the fort was built in the reign of King Rama III for defending the invasion from Vietnamese forces. The old cannons that line on the wall are very attractive. Inside the fort, there are several interesting places such as the city shrine of King Taksin, Wat Yothanimit in Chinese – style architecture, etc. Moreover, it is the location of the Underwater Archeology Section where investigation and conservation techniques are explained, and on display are finds ( Sangkhalok earthenware and ceramics ) from the seabed of the Gulf of Thailand . Ask for the lecturer at the office: Tel No. 66-39-391236-7.
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潘文凯古遗址的一些皇, 此外,在Tambon邦咔嚓, 在大约镇成立 1834 在国王拉玛三世统治时期. 该镇已从班卢姆到这个位置,因为它可能比较适合用于防御目的,反对越南侵略的高地. 红土墙壁和砖块从老城区也被拆除,搬到新址. 一个服务于拉玛五世国王统治时期的干旱迫使其返回到老城区在班Lum.The在潘文凯嫩黄原址呈方形,具有广泛的红土型墙装大大炮. 每一方都有自己的城墙和护城河防守. 它被视为一个强大的时间军营. 这个镇的主要寺庙正是Yothanimit.Soon被视为一个国家海事博物馆成立, 水下考古办公室设在潘文凯嫩黄专门从水下考古探索发现了来自全国各地的泰国的商船和物品展览. 也有古老的航海路线和产品展示. 具有的历史和文化的庄他武里展览室的人交易.


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