Students near Saritdidet Street Chanthaburi

Students near Saritdidet Street Chanthaburi

Some snap near Saritdidet Schools there. Most of them going to leave their school to go home.

A student make V pose while taking this photo. She is on the top roof of the building.
ISO 100 f/2 1/1600sec

People around these street.
ISO 100 f/2 1/200sec

Bicycles for sell.
ISO 100 f/2 1/250sec

Student with iPad 2.
ISO 100 f/2 1/160sec

Parent’s car.
ISO 280 f/8 1/125sec

ISO 220 f/8 1/125sec

ISO 900 f/8 1/125sec

Students walking around.
ISO 1400 f/8 1/125sec

Buying food and some snacks
ISO 2200 f/8 1/125sec

ISO 800 f/8 1/125sec

ISO 100 f/8 1/200sec