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Temple Khao Khitchakut

Temple Khao Khitchakut
Wat Khao Khitchakut

วัด เขาคิชฌกูฏ

It only open 2 months a year, almost open during January or February.
The special thing that’s the big square stone on the hard rock mountain, but the stone is not separate from the rock below it. Nobody know how could this come from. But then it do have a buddhist face on the stone. So, everyone come from everywhere to visit this.

We need to take two trip of 4WD pickup car from the bottom of the temple to there, each time is 50 Baht per person. After that, you need to walk for 1 KM, then arrive to the Temple that could see the big square stone.

If you do not have energy to climb up, you can hire four strong man to pick you go up, they charge 500 baht for one trip.

Another special thing in this Temple, it is not allow to fire any candle and incense, so the air in here is fresh and without any pollution smoke.

Here is the map for the Temple Khao Khitchakut

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  1. Hi – thankyou for the information here; we made this trip yesterday. The 4wd ride can be scary but better than walking – we saw some people walking from the village to the top.
    We were lucky the clouds cleared and beautiful views. It was a wonderful way to spend a day, and not too crowded during the week.

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