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2 thoughts on “Cafe Amazon”

  1. They don’d get paid a lot, so you know that expression “You pay peanuts you get …..”

    Does anyone know what time the Cafe Amazon at the PTT station in Phang Nga opens in the morning?

  2. It was with great displeasure that I entered the Cafe Amazon today. I had made an appointment to meet a friend and we decided the best meeting place would be Cafe Amazon at PTT in Chatturat, Chaiyaphum. I walked into the cafe to order coffee and the attendant noticed that I had a pack of cigarettes in my hand. Without an ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’ this woman said, “You are not allowed to smoke here!” I hadn’t even gotten my coffee. I then told her how wonderful she was to so pleasantly greet a customer. I think she is so stupid that she didn’t realize how sarcastic I was. Kindly do something about your staff training. Is a foreigner in the ‘land of smiles’ with excellent Thai supposed to accept such behavior? The attnedant in charge was at the PTT Amazon cafe in Chatturat, Chaiyaphum at 12:30 today, 7 Fed. 2012

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