Ao Sameddang Resort @ Leam Sing

Some of the rooms in here.

Inside the room.

The Lobby ?

The seaside of this resort.

Someone fishing here.

You can enjoy your lunch and dinner here.

Fried rice with crab.

Som Tam Crab.

Fried Sotong.

You can enjoy the seaside of this resort.

Ao Sameddang Resort
Cross Laemsing bridge, turn left, about half a mile on the lefthand side. Look for the boat yard and signs

Located on the beach front at the mouth of the Chanthaburi river. Bungalows to rent with bar and restuarant facilities. Perfect for backpackers and independant travellers. From 500 TBT per night.

It looks like you can also pitch a tent here. Monkeys all over the place!

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