Why you should not buy Sharp Air Purifier in Thailand

Why you should not buy Sharp Air Purifier in Thailand

There is a filter inside every Air Purifier, from the official document, you need to replace the filter very 1-2 years

Filter life
Dust collection /Deodorization filter: Up to 2 years
Humidifying filter: Up to 1 year

I bought Sharp KC-930TA-W 3 years ago, I should replace the filter FZ-Y30SFE and I’ve been finding the filter from many Sharp reseller and Sharp retail Shop, those sales giving me the answer that, they just sell the Air Purifier, and you have to contact the official Sharp. They are not responsible for after sales and service.

I’ve tried to find find from their official website, http://www.sharpthai.co.th/support_part.aspx?l=en, it show me that most of the shop is far and mostly 30km away from me.

I’ve tried to contact them by email, here is the reply.

Dear Sirs,

We have the service center for order spare parts .You can call to JBS Service Center Telephone number is 02-7180047

Best Regards,
Lawan Fungkratoke
SharpThai Contact Center
[email protected]
TEL : 02-3524949 FAX : 02-6383500 # 51

In this internet modern age, the product FZ-Y30SFE / FZ-Y30SF , HEPA Filter should selling across the internet. But it is not available in Thailand, even in Lazada. You can see the post from 2012, few years ago in Thaivisa, they cannot find the filter replacement. The problem never solve.

Solution to buy Sharp Filter in Thailand

So, I’ve find the solution to buy the filter, it is from eBay, and I need to import the filter from Japan.
SHARP FZY30SF Air Purifier Replacement Filter Dust Collection Japan Import F/S.

I would not buy any Sharp air Purifier again

I suggest you not to buy the Sharp Air Purifier in Thailand. My next Air Purifier would be 3M, It could be buying online 3MDelivery, and they do provide free delivery and provide filter replacement for you.


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