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Jim Jum ( Thai Hot Pot ) in Chanthaburi

Jim Jum ( Thai Hot Pot ) in Chanthaburi

Jim Jum ( จิ้มจุ่ม ) is one of the delicious Thai food. It is originally from Laos and Cambodia. This is one of the best Jim Jum in Chanthaburi. The most important is the taste of the soup inside the Hot Pot, then the sauce to taste with meat, port and vegetable.

Beside that, you could order Som Tam and roasted pork with sticky rice with Jim Jum together.



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Customers are waiting for the food.
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ISO 100 f/2 1/250sec

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ISO 1000 f/2 1/100sec

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Their refrigerator.
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ISO 100 f/2 1/160sec

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Meat, Pork, Squid, with the special sauce.
ISO 1600 f/2 1/100sec

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Egg, vegetable, meehon
ISO 1100 f/2 1/100sec

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Roasted pork
ISO 1250 f/2 1/100sec

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Jim Jum Pot
ISO 2800 f/2 1/100sec

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Sticky rice.
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Jim Jum Hot Pot with vegetable inside.
ISO 1600 f/2 1/60sec

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One kind of Som Tam with long bean and black crab.
ISO 1800 f/2 1/60sec



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