20 Baht Fruits and vegetables trader using motorcycle in Bangkok

It is not difficult to see this kind of motorcycle outside the crowd Bangkok. He gets the goods from the whole sales market pack with plastic bags with price 20 baht.

Packed with 20 baht is easy for them to sell to customers, because no need to change coins, and let customer not much choices too choose, and save time.

Although it is a two wheeled motorcycle, he modified and put some buckets behind of it, so he can put more goods to sell.

Mango, corn, eggs, cucumbers, peanut, nuts, mushrooms,bananas, longan, dragon fruit, onion and much more can be found on his motorcycle, it is like a small fruits and vegetables portable stall.

Many Thais do not have own transportation, that’s why they need this kind of trader in this market, they can send the goods to some home that far away from the market. If you found similar motorcycle, you can share in here.