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Sirivej Hospital Chanthaburi

Sirivej Hospital Chanthaburi

One of the private Hospital in Chanthaburi, the price is cheaper than the Bangkok Hospital. The service is good and not too crowd. Provide most of the service.

Sirivej Hospital is located in the Muang district of Chanthaburi on Trirat Road. The hospital was established in 1992. It is a 90-bed private hospital. Of the long list of medical services that this hospital provides its patients, following are a few examples: nephrology (kidney), hypertension. general surgery, holistic medicine, neurosurgical science, pediatric psychiatry, obstetrics – gynecology,
diagnostic radiology, ophthalmology, dental, anesthesiology, etc.

Translated directly from Google.

Phone 039-344244 039-322995 039-343244 fax number.
Its medical glory. Chanthaburi was established on February 19, 2535 to operate the hospital.
That the patient overnight. There is a general hospital. Under the name “Hospital Medical glory”.
The establishment of the medical team. And reputable business in Chanthaburi. Opened on 18.
November 2537 and is located on 7 acres, the building is a reinforced concrete building with 7 floors.
Area of ​​13,993 square meters, with lift, transport patients, 2 lifts, a number of the emergency.
And lift the other one has a drug delivery system. Fire and Building Standards under the law.
The detection of smoke. And fire protection. Automatic fire extinguishing system of the spray mist.
With modern fire fighting equipment at work. A redundant power supply system for an emergency.
Automatically when power fails. Number 2 is reserved water tanks and waste water treatment system aeration.
Pass filter (Biological) chlorine. The disease was first released to the public.

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wpid7180 DSC7564
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