wpid4335 DSC1576

Food in Chanthaburi 2011 Sept

Food in Chanthaburi 2011 Sept

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ISO 320 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4322 DSC1560
ISO 280 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4325 DSC1561
ISO 800 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4329 DSC1562
ISO 280 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4332 DSC1575
ISO 220 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4335 DSC1576
ISO 640 f/1.8 1/100secwpid4337 DSC1580
ISO 280 f/1.8 1/100sec


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