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Chinese Grave near Thamai

Chinese Grave near Thamai.

I’m wondering so many china men came here so long time ago. Most of them are different surname and from different places. These Chinese Grave hidden in a place that difficult to be found, and most of them face to the sea and back on the small hill. Maybe this is called good Feng Shui.

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Tinaht B. Yonat · Burapha university
We call it “Chou si tong Graveyard” AKA. Tha Dai Graveyard. There , a [not so] festival “Cheng Meng” will be held every year [around 5-20 april]. People will come to pay respect the ancester , clean the grave and offer the food that the ancester like to eat. And yes , this is called good Feng Shui spot indeed.Upper part is mountain , lower part is the sea. it is said that it will bring the good fortune to the future generation.


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