Seashell Village

About Seashell
360° natural hideaway
Private beach, Clean blue sky, Giant tree, Green valley at Seashell Village Resort.

About Seashell
Seashell Village Resort is a unique beach resort with only 22 sea view rooms
accommodation a maximum of 54 guests, located on Seashell beach next to
Chaolao Beach, Thamai, Chanthaburi.

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Seashell Beach ( Next to Chao Lao Beach )
Address: 50 Klong-Khud, Khungkabane, Thamai, Chanthaburi 22120 Thailand
Tel: 039-388090
Fax: 039-388090
Mobile: 081-5750644

หาดซีเชลล์ (ติดกับหาดเจ้าหลาว) 50 คลองขุด คุ้งกระเบน
อ. ท่าใหม่ จ. จันทบุรี
Tel. (039) 388 090, (081) 575 0644,fax (039) 388 090

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