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M-Coffee near Chaolao Dec 2011

M-Coffee near Chaolao Dec 2011 One of the best Coffee house in Chao Lao. Should try her Iced Mocha and Smootie with any favor. Make sure is this girl make the coffee, if other girl make may not the same taste.

Chao Lao beach

Chao Lao beach, a beach that not yet get pollution in Chanthaburi. Every weekends, visitors from Bangkok or other states like to visit here to enjoy their time and seafood. Not much foreigner visit here, there are so much resorts and hotels open during this year.

Chao Lao Beach

Located about 17 kilometres from Tha Mai District, the long white sandy beach in seren place is suitable for relaxing. Although it is not the most beautiful beach in Thailand, 2 kilometres of coral reefs just off shore are attractive. The choices of accommodation offered range from standard to the luxury hotels, including restaurants. Boats …

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