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Month: February 2012

Night Food Stalls in Market Minburi

Night Food Stalls in Market Minburi. Most of the food in here is Halal, because Minburi is one of the place that have a lot of Muslim staying in here. So you can find a lot of Muslim food in here. Those stalls beside the u-turn tunnel of the Market Minburi.

M-Coffee near Chaolao Dec 2011

M-Coffee near Chaolao Dec 2011 One of the best Coffee house in Chao Lao. Should try her Iced Mocha and Smootie with any favor. Make sure is this girl make the coffee, if other girl make may not the same taste.

Fried Chicken in Chanthaburi

Fried Chicken in Chanthaburi One of the best friend chicken in Chanthaburi, the taste is better than KFC or McDonald in Thailand. She uses fresh oil to fry everyday. Make sure to serve in warm always.