Nine Emperor Gods (Jiu Wang Ye )

Nine Emperor Gods (Jiu Wang Ye ) is a big day in Chanthaburi too.

The nine emperors gods (called “Jiu Wang Ye 九王爷” in Singapore and Malaysia) actually refers to the ” Jiu Huang Da Di 九皇大帝” (The Nine Great Emperors) in the Daoist deities system (Daoist Patheon). The birth of the nine emperors happened to be on the 9th of September in the chinese lunar calendar, and this day was often celebrated as the festival of “Jiu Huang 九皇” by the Daoist in Singapore and Malaysia.

The nine emperor gods are very often known as “Bei Dou Jiu Xing 北斗九星” (9 north star plough Gods), since they are gods of the stars or planets. Their mother, “Dou Mu Yuan Jun 斗姆元君” (Mother north star), is also the mother of stars.

The nine emperor gods consist of the following:

1. “Gou Chen Tian Huang Da Di 勾陈天皇大帝” (Vega Star)
2. “Bei Ji Zhi Wei Da Di 北极紫微大帝” (Polaris Star)
3. The 7 Northern Constellation Stars (called “Bei Dou Qi Xing 北斗七星”):
a. “Tan Lang 贪狼”
b. “Ju Meng 巨门”
c. “Lu Chun 禄存”
d. “Wen Qu 文曲”
e. “Lian Zhen 廉贞”
f. “Wu Qu 武曲”
g. “Po Jun 破军”

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