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Administration of Tha Mai

he district is subdivided into 14 subdistricts , which are further subdivided into 124 villages . There are three townships – Tha Mai covers the whole tambon Tha Mai and Yai Ra, Noen Sung covers parts of tambon Khao Wua and Khao Baisi, and Nong Khla covers parts of Thung Bencha. There are further 12 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No.NameThai nameVillagesInh.
1.Tha Maiท่าใหม่7,587 
2.Yai Raยายร้า1,481 
3.Si Phayaสีพยา111,645 
4.Bo Phuบ่อพุ81,359 
5.Phloi Waenพลอยแหวน71,692 
6.Khao Wuaเขาวัว93,502 
7.Khao Baisiเขาบายศรี127,552 
8.Song Phi Nongสองพี่น้อง177,483 
9.Thung Benchaทุ่งเบญจา1411,518 
13.Takat Ngaoตะกาดเง้า107,638 
14.Khlong Khutคลองขุด104,620 
24.Khao Kaeoเขาแก้ว106,375 

Missing numbers belong to tambon which now form the districts Kaeng Hang Maeo and Na Yai Am.


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