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Yam Can Sardines Fish

Yam Can Sardines Fish

One of the special DIY food in Thailand is Yam Can Sardines Fish. Most of the time I will buy Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce Can, because the fish pieces are larger than other brand.

To Make this, slice the small onion and small chilies on to it, and make sure put the juice from the Lime on it.

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Por’s Coffee House in Thamai

Another new coffee house in Thamai, the location is along the road to MEA Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thamai there. The shop design is great and the furniture inside is very special. The ceiling in special color it is a nice place to relax and having a cup of coffee there. The coffee taste is delicious too.
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Kway teow nam tok in Thamai Night Street

Kway teow nam tok in Thamai Night Street

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