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Khao Yai – A Cup Of Love Farm Ville

A Cup Of Love, a very famous farm ville located in Khao Yai.

A Cup Of Love provide some very fun environment for you and your family to visit. During the cold season from November to February have a lot of Thai citizen will travel to there.

A Cup Of Love also provide camping facilities in their farm. Here are some photo to share with you all.











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Photo Shooting In Chocolate Ville, Bangkok Thailand

“Dining in the Park” – Chocolate Ville.

Chocolate Ville, is an attractive restaurant featuring dining in the theme park.  It is located on Kasetsart-Nawamin road, KM 11, Bangkok 10230.

Due to the Halloween season, they did some very nice decoration for it. Here are some photo to share with you all.

Because of the environment and design, a lot of artist and visitor also come here to take photo.

Share with us if you have any information about Chocolate Ville.

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Self Modified Bicycle In Bangkok

It’s a very lucky day. Saw a very creative modified bicycle when buying some snacks. It’s actually modified by a Thai kid. Decided to share with you all.

The bicycle modified with a pair of side mirror, and using some kind of different material looks like stainless steel. I was thinking how he hold the handlebars when he cycling. Can you imagine it ?

I always believe Creativity is what world needs. It’s a good sign when you created something that’s unusual. It might need to be more improve, but it also might become something that incredible too.

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Yam Can Sardines Fish

Yam Can Sardines Fish

One of the special DIY food in Thailand is Yam Can Sardines Fish. Most of the time I will buy Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce Can, because the fish pieces are larger than other brand.

To Make this, slice the small onion and small chilies on to it, and make sure put the juice from the Lime on it.

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Google Street View in Thailand is available now

Google Street View in Thailand is available now

You can view most of the street in Bangkok Area and many crowd place. Try to do street view before visit here. View the area around before you book any hotel.
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Welcome to Koh Chang

Welcome to Koh Chang

Ko Chang (Thai: เกาะช้าง, pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ tɕʰáːŋ], also Koh Chang) is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is located on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern seaboard, 310 km from Bangkok and near the border with Cambodia.
It is the country’s third largest island, and the largest island in the Mu Ko Chang National Park archipelago.
The name means Elephant Island, and comes from the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. At present, there are 9 villages on the island.
It is a mountainous island, with Khao Salak Phet being the highest peak at 743 metres. The island is known for several waterfalls, thriving coral reefs and rainforests. The island has an area of approximately 217 square kilometers.

Prior to World War II, Ko Chang was little known. During this period, the few families there made a living growing coconuts and fruit.
During World War II, when Thailand was occupied by Japanese forces, Ko Chang was the scene of the 1941 Battle of Koh Chang between the Royal Thai Navy and a Vichy French squadron, in which the French won a decisive victory.

Ko Chang is part of an archipelago of 51 islands, and is approximately 30 km long by 14 km, wide with a total area of 217 km². It is part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park, which covers an area of 650 km², of which 70% is offshore.
The interior of the island is mountainous, covered with tropical rain forest. The highest point is Khao Salak Phet, measuring 743m. There are sandy beaches on the island, dotted with hotels and resorts, in addition to some rocky beaches.
The main settlements on the west coast are around Sai Khao, Hat Kai Mook and Hat Ta Nam, with the village of Bang Bao being situated on the south coast.

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Famous Kuey Teow Pork Leg in Phlio

Famous Kuey Teow Pork Leg in Phlio

One of the best Kuey Teow Pork Leg in Chanthaburi, I think it has been recommended by most of the TV channel in Thailand. The location is along the way from Nam Tok Phlio to Laem Sing beach, just beside the Phliu Market.

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Why Thailand is Flooding in 2011 ?

ROO-SU-FLOOD ( Understand – Flight – Flooding ) from a non-profit organization. They make few videos to let us understand why Thailand is flooding and how the water come from, and give a lot of information related to Thailand flooding this year.
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