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Yayoi Restaurants in Chanthaburi

One of the Japanese Food Restaurant in Chanthaburi and located in Robinson Complex, beside the Watson.

I think Their management team is from MK, good and polite service that satisfy customer. And without any more service charge.

Most of their food are delicious with quality.

Here is the Donburi Salmon set cost 169 Baht only. Enjoy!


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Yam Can Sardines Fish

Yam Can Sardines Fish

One of the special DIY food in Thailand is Yam Can Sardines Fish. Most of the time I will buy Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce Can, because the fish pieces are larger than other brand.

To Make this, slice the small onion and small chilies on to it, and make sure put the juice from the Lime on it.

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Thai Economy Rice in Chanthaburi

Thai Economy Rice in Chanthaburi

Maybe you can call it as “Point Point Rice”, point the vegetable or any cooked food to order.

Economy rice stalls typically consist of a glass case containing anywhere from 10-15 troughs of cooked food, including meat, vegetables, eggs and tofu. Customers select any combination of these dishes, which are served accompanied by a portion of steamed white rice.

This stall located beside the Ying Yai Mall in the Market of Chanthaburi

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