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Mister Mushroom Farm

Mister Mushroom Farm, located in Wang Nam Khiao Thailand. Mister Mushroom are growing organic mushrooms on a family plot, emphasizing on five specific kinds to grow and commercialize – Shiitake, Yanagi, Monkey Head, (Blue and Golden) Oyster and Reishi (Lingzhi) Mushrooms. In here, visitors can see the cultivation of the mushrooms in the dark and humid storeroom-like hall. They also selling few type of mushrooms and some Lingzhi product.





Will add more photo on next post, stay tuned.

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Khao Yai – A Cup Of Love Farm Ville

A Cup Of Love, a very famous farm ville located in Khao Yai.

A Cup Of Love provide some very fun environment for you and your family to visit. During the cold season from November to February have a lot of Thai citizen will travel to there.

A Cup Of Love also provide camping facilities in their farm. Here are some photo to share with you all.











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Flooding in Pattaya

Flooding in Pattaya

Flooding in Pattaya on 11/09/2011 morning. The girl is enjoying the Spy Red Wine while across the road.
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