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Food Souvenir Stalls from Chanthaburi Along Sukhumwit

Food Souvenir Stalls from Chanthaburi Along Sukhumwit

Here is one of the best place to buy Food Souvenirs in Chanthaburi, most of the fruits can be found in here, especially the fruit season, you may find durian, rambutan, Mangosteen and many other fruits in here.

Other than that, dried seafood from Chanthaburi is famous too. you can find most of them on these row of shops.

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Durian festival in Chanthaburi

There are so much durian in Chanthaburi now, have you tried it yet ? It is very delicious, 30 baht /kg for Chanee D123 and 50 baht / kg for Mon Thong D159, price in the market.


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How to apply Easy Pass in Thailand ?

How to apply Easy Pass in Thailand ?


1,000 Baht Deposit for the Card and the sensor.
500 Baht minimum credit rate, and free 25 Baht per 500 Baht credit refill.

Document requirments

Your wife’s ID ( They wanted a Thai Citizen )
or Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (for Corporations)
or Passport
Two contact phone numbers.
Your vehicle numbers.

Selling Location

Ding Daeng Toll Gate, Rama II High Way , Entrance of Ploenchit (next to Sukhumvit Soi 1).
Make sure to use outer left booth to pay your toll, if not you might not enough time to stick to the office.


Easy Pass for 4-wheel drive only. ( Truck or 6-wheels is not allowed )
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