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Koh Chang, The Largest Island In Mu Koh Chang International Park Archipelago 2012

Koh Chang is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is located on the Gulf Of Thialand’s eastern seaboard, 310 km from Bangkok and near the border with Cambodia.

It is the country’s third largest island, and the largest island in the Mu Koh Chang International Park archipelago.

The name means Elephant Island, and comes from the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. (Wikipedia)

Transport to Koh Chang have many of different way. If you are going from Bangkok, you can go by bus, minivan, or flight to Trat first. Here are some information about the transport to Trat or Koh Chang.

Bangkok Airways provide 3 flights a day to Trat from Bangkok. The flight takes around 60 minutes and cost around 3000-3600 Baht per trip. The airlines transfer service cost around 470 Baht for transfer to west coast of Koh Chang and included ferry ticket. For buses and mini van service is too many different timing and different price, so just provide 2 official contact number for information about the bus service. If you are in Bangkok can call +66 8 3794 2122, in Koh Chang please call +66 8 1660 5926. One way cost around 200-250 Baht and round trip will be less around 20-50 Baht. Please check about the timing  and estimate carefully. Bus from Bangkok to Trat takes around 5 hour.

Here are some photos taken when going Koh Chang by ferry.

Sunset of Koh Chang.

Ferry pier opposite Koh Chang.

Waiting for ferry.

A lot of  tourist also go by car. Can drive your car to the island by transfer by ferry.


Sea view behind the ferry.

Koh Chang is also a paradise for diver. Can consider it if you are interesting about diving. There are so many different diving course in the island, most of them are licensed. And there’s a lot of speed boat service so you can explore more about this paradise.

In Koh Chang have too many resorts and hotel, you can find so  many information inside the internet. The cheapest accommodation there is around 250 Baht per night, 3 star or 4 star hotel around 2000 Baht and much much more. If you are looking for a great holiday, travel to Koh Chang is a great idea. Sun, beach, natural, far from the city, seafood, alcohol, massage, everything is in this island.

Welcome to Koh Chang. Enjoy!

Pantip Plaza Ngam Wong Wan Branch In Nonthaburi

Pantip Plaza Ngam Wong Wan Branch


Located in Thailand Nonthaburi. There are hundreds of small shops specializing in computer hardware, software and accessories, including parts, repair, modifications, networking, second hand, laptops, Macintosh and peripherals. And also selling camera, lens, accessories.

Actually was looking for some computer hardware, so decided to go this shopping mall have a look.


There are having a lot of new and old hardware and software, games, accessories, sound system and second-hand stuff like motherboard, ram, graphic card, laptop and desktop pc. You also can find a Nintendo game boy here, and it’s black & white screen.


So happy when i saw this shop, they having a lot of modified hardware. It’s so cool, i wish i can have 1 and try to overclock it until the maximum.

No matter how important is the hardware we need to buy, we still need to grab some food when we are hungry. During the Gin Je festival, vegeterian food is everywhere. So i choose a mango sticky rice for myself, it’s awesome!

Pantip Plaza is very famous IT shopping in Thailand. In this Pantip Plaza Ngam Wong Wan Branch, one of the level is selling a lot of Thai Amulet. If you are a fans of those amulet can check it out too.


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Vegetarian Festival In Bangkok

Vegetarian Festival In Bangkok

In Thailand, this festival is called “Tesagan Gin Je” (เทศกาลกินเจ), the Vegetarian Festival. It is celebrated throughout the entire country, but the festivities are at their height in Phuket, where about 35% of the population is Chinese. It attracts crowds of spectators because of many of the unusual religious rituals that are performed. Many religious devotees will slash themselves with swords, pierce their cheeks with sharp objects and commit other painful acts. (From wikipedia,


Jeเจ, 斋(in chinese word), the meaning of Vegeterian. Je During a period of nine days, those who are participating in the festival dress all in white and gin je กินเจ, which has come to be translated as abstinence from eating meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products. Vendors and proprietors of restaurants indicate that je food is for sale at their establishments by putting a yellow flag out with the word เจ (je) written on it in red. (From wikipedia,

I have been to Fashion Island this two days with my Thai friend and family. It’s a huge shopping center locating at Thanon Rarm Intra, Khanna Yao, Bangkok. There are having a big market with many food stall. But, they are all selling vegeterian food for the Gin Je Festival (Vegetarian Festival). You can see there’s a lot of people are queuing and waiting for their food. And most important, there’s a lot of delicious vegeterian food.


Don’t be surprise for the photo above, it is not meat. Don’t let the photo cheat your eyes, it is actually made from some vegeterian ingredients such as flour, grain, tofu, or maybe some other vegetable. Taste is a little bit different with meat, but it’s taste good with some chili sauces. They also made a lot of similar food like Kap Pao Gai, Lat Mu and much much more. But all made from vegeterian ingredients, just the look and taste are so similar with the real meat.

You can also find out there are some very nice and special local fruit, dessert around there. Such as mango glutinous sticky rice and much much more. The pricing for all the food around here are reasonable and cheap.

In Thailand, most of the population is Buddhist. Most of them believe that if we can remain do not kill or eat any life or animal, it will bring good fortune and future to you. Even we can’t make it everyday, but at least we do it together once a year. I believe on it too.

Will keep sharing with you if i got much more news about this Gin Je, Vegeterian Festival. Hope you will enjoy it too if you are in Thailand or maybe you are coming to this Festival.

Food Souvenir Stalls from Chanthaburi Along Sukhumwit

Food Souvenir Stalls from Chanthaburi Along Sukhumwit

Here is one of the best place to buy Food Souvenirs in Chanthaburi, most of the fruits can be found in here, especially the fruit season, you may find durian, rambutan, Mangosteen and many other fruits in here.

Other than that, dried seafood from Chanthaburi is famous too. you can find most of them on these row of shops.

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How to apply Easy Pass in Thailand ?

How to apply Easy Pass in Thailand ?


1,000 Baht Deposit for the Card and the sensor.
500 Baht minimum credit rate, and free 25 Baht per 500 Baht credit refill.

Document requirments

Your wife’s ID ( They wanted a Thai Citizen )
or Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (for Corporations)
or Passport
Two contact phone numbers.
Your vehicle numbers.

Selling Location

Ding Daeng Toll Gate, Rama II High Way , Entrance of Ploenchit (next to Sukhumvit Soi 1).
Make sure to use outer left booth to pay your toll, if not you might not enough time to stick to the office.


Easy Pass for 4-wheel drive only. ( Truck or 6-wheels is not allowed )
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Google Street View in Thailand is available now

Google Street View in Thailand is available now

You can view most of the street in Bangkok Area and many crowd place. Try to do street view before visit here. View the area around before you book any hotel.
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Gems Building in Chanthaburi

Gems Building in Chanthaburi

It has been stopped for 3-4 years during the economic down in Thailand. And now the job continue again, it will be finish within these few months. Then many jewelly and gems shops will be moving in to here, become the biggest Gems and Jewelly Building in Chanthaburi.
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Krabok Roasted ( Irvingia Malayana )

Krabok Roasted ( Irvingia Malayana )

Krabok Roasted ( Irvingia Malayana ) selling in Koh Chang
One of the famous peanut from Roi Et Thailand. They need very long and difficult time to make this kind of Krabok and selling some tourist place in Thailand. It is difficult to find this kind of peanut.

Fore more information about Irvingia Malayana, you can read in here.

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